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Building Brilliant Brains

3-4 Months Brain Building Diaper Change Checklist

3-4 Months Brain Building Diaper Change Checklist

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3-4 Month Brain Building Diaper Change Checklist 

Start here if baby is:  

3-4 months old 
9 months or younger and have not done brain building activities (Do for 2 weeks and move on) 


The innovative solution that transforms diaper-changing moments into engaging and developmental experiences for your little one. Based on many Doman principles, from the book "Fit baby, Smart baby, Your baby", we have designed these progressive brain building routines with both convenience and child development in mind. This kit takes the ordinary task of changing diapers and turns it into a fun and interactive bonding and brain building time. 

Each Routine will add 2-5 min to your diaper change 


BBB 3-4M Checklist (download) 
Video instruction to each exercise 
Black, white, and color cards (download) 
Black and white math 1-14 (download) 
Crawling Track Guide -how to build your own (download) 
Amazon list-many things you can find in your house 
***Bonus vestibular activities appropriate for this age, for post diaper change FUN 
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